We are the key connecting point between physical & digital shopping

Why Kaupa?

Shopping on the internet is growing. but a large volume is still in retail

The boundaries between traditional trade and e-commerce are fading. E-retailers open physical stores and physical stores open e-commerce

Customers compare products in physical stores, and then order them online

Many customers photograph products to save them in their camera roll, but nobody offers a link between photo and an easy purchase

Several tries with "showrooms" has been made, but none has been successful

Noone offers a simple payment solution, but defaults to traditional checkout counters or stationary tablets spread outin the store

Shopping is an experience! - technology can make it fun, easier and more personal

By using technologies like Machine Learning and Augmented Reality , Kaupa will address these issues and create a whole new way to shop!

KAUPA is a consumer focused shopping system for combining physical and digital shopping in showrooms.

Does this sound interesting?

WE ARE looking for exciting collaborations with

companies active both in retail and e-commerce!


Kaupa is founded by Carl-Axel Ambring and Erik Ambring. Together they have a very good understanding in how to realise Kaupa.

Carl-Axel Ambring

Carl-Axel has long and broad experience in developing and evaluating concepts and products in retail. He has a big network in Swedish retail and a good understanding about what kind of needs the company and customer has.

Erik Ambring

Erik has a very good understanding about the relation between a products technical and user needs. He is far ahead regarding knowledge about new techniques, what problem they can solve in a product, and how they can be implemented.

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